Balanced Creative has 4 streamlined services that are formulated to make things more manageable and affordable. They also work perfectly together to give you everything you need to get your new or evolved brand launched and in motion.

Brand Lite

A streamlined branding process to kickstart your new brand or evolve an existing identity. This process is designed to give you everything you need to start your brand or strengthen an existing identity.

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Website Essentials

Planning a website can become overcomplicated and time consuming. We can simplify the process by working efficiently and strategically to build your website within weeks or setup a landing page in a matter of days.

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Content in a Day

Book a day or two for onsite photography & video. We can create a bank of professionally captured photos and video clips. These can then be used for website and social media content to tell your brands story.

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Mini Social Strategy

A great place to start building brand awareness and putting your voice out on social. We work with you to create a manageable strategy as well as templates and assets to keep things consistent and in flow.

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